We may not have the best reputation around the rest of the country, but people who live here know what real New Jerseyans are like.

We are more likely than most people in other states to do things like help a stranger, donate money at least once a month, volunteer time at least once a month and even plan to be an organ donor.

It may not come as a real shock to most of us but it is certainly something we know about ourselves and should be proud of.

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A new study shows that we ranked as the fourth-most charitable state in the country with a score of 91.7. The highest score was Idaho with a 96.5 score out of 100.

They were followed by Utah and Louisiana and then New Jersey. When it comes to charity, 67% of Americans say their efforts are generally more spontaneous than planned. Here is some of the breakdown of just how charitable people in New Jersey are.

-56% of New Jersey respondents say they help a stranger at least once a month.

-50% of New Jersey respondents donate money at least once a month.

-42% of New Jersey respondents report volunteering time at least once a month.

-62% are or plan to be an organ donor.


For those of us who are from here or have lived here for a long time, this may not surprise us.

We are a prosperous lot when compared to folks from other states. Also, we are so used to giving so much of our money in taxes, that it may just be second nature.

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