We're not even through February and most of us in New Jersey have already had enough of it. Unless you work in the skiing industry or just love to ski, this stuff is a headache no matter how you slice it...or shovel it. According to one source New Jersey gets an average of 23 inches of snow per year, about five inches below the national average. Another list has us at about 35th with 41.2 inches.

It should come as no surprise that there would be such a wide gap in the estimates. Some parts of our state rarely get accumulating snow due to their proximity to the ocean. Although this year-old man winter has been an equal opportunity giver of the white stuff. Parts of North Jersey got close to 36 inches in the one storm earlier this month. No thank you!

I've put off getting a snow blower for years for a couple of reasons. I've always had my kids to pitch in, but now that they're gone, I figured the exercise would do me good. F that noise. I finally broke down and got a small battery powered one because I didn't feel like hassling with the gas and noise. They've been popping up all around my neighborhood and that it looked a little weird but seemed to get the job done. Then I visited Bill Spadea and his driveway looked pretty good. His family saw him shoveling on the home security camera and sent him one.

So, I went online and pulled the trigger. Looks like I'll have an opportunity to see if it was worth the $250 again this week. As it turns out the snow blower market looks like it's on an upward swing for the next few years. I guess that means I'm staying here!

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

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