I'm not sure of the exact numbers of actual blind people driving, but if you can't see a solid two-foot-thick painted white line on the road, you must be f***ing blind!

I'm also not sure why this has come to annoy me so much in the last few years, but it's infuriating. It's a sign of inconsideration for other drivers and/or the rules of the road as they apply to others. This is especially annoying if you're making a left hand turn at an intersection and the car either in the left hand turn lane or single land of the road you're turning onto is way over the line, impeding your right of way and partially blocking you from making the turn.

Some people even go beyond the solid white line and park on top of the crosswalk lines. The light will change and you will be able to go through the intersection. Getting closer to the light won't make it change quicker. In fact, in some intersections with traffic light sensors, this may even prevent a left turn green light from activating, because you've gone too far! I know it's not life or death, but we all have our little pet peeves about what people do to annoy the shit out of us and this is just mine.

I've even included some pictures from just this week of ass****s who do this. Does this make me feel better? NO! Like most good things in our society today, I'm just "bringing awareness!"

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