I’ve been living in my home for two years now and the best gift that the previous homeowners left me is this adorable fig tree.

I say it’s adorable because when I first moved in it was about 3 feet high. Probably even a little less. But today it stands at least 5 feet and 8, maybe 9 inches.

And it’s filled with the most perfect little round green figs.

In the past couple of summers since we’ve been here, we’ve never been able to harvest anything because we’ve been at war with the deer in the neighborhood. I think we finally found a way to keep them out of the backyard, and so my tree is now bearing at least 30 figs.

The problem? It’s the first week of September and nothing is ready to be picked yet. And I’m afraid that by before they are ready, frost will have set in and it will be too late. I’ve gotten so many tips about what I can do about this. Most people have said I have to wait until the stems look a little soft before I can pick them. Others have said (just by looking at my tree) I’m pretty much screwed for the season's crop. I have found that you never get so much advice from people as you do from questions surrounding the the garden. Especially in this state, being ... well, you know.

I really want figs this year, and my personal fig expert, Dennis Malloy, swears I’ll see something soon. So I guess I have no choice but to hang in there and pray.

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