I had never seen this before my commute to work on Wednesday and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I was driving to work on Route 195 when I found myself behind a car with a strange attachment.

Full disclosure: this whole instance happened so fast and I’m admittedly not a car person, so I can’t tell you the make and model of the vehicle that I was behind but it was one of those cars with a flat back.

Attached to the back of the trunk lid was what looked like a homemade wooden shelf maybe a foot or so tall and the same length as the trunk.

Strapped into the shelf was either a fake deer carcass lying on its back with its legs sticking up or a totally real dead deer. I couldn't tell.

Painted on this shelf in red paint were the words “roadkill deer.”

Photo submitted by Larry Meyerson
Photo submitted by Larry Meyerson

Here’s why I found this so confusing….

It was legitimately unclear whether this deer was real or if it was a quirky decoration.

I mean, if I’m being honest this wouldn’t be as stupid as headlight eyelashes or truck nuts. Maybe this was just someone's sick sense of humor and that's how they wanted their car decorated.

It looked legit, but there was no blood, orange paint, or broken-looking bones like you would expect in a random roadkill find.

If this was a real dead deer, and this driver was clearing the body from the road as a public service: why didn’t they have a way to transport deer carcasses that can handle more than one deer at a time? Like a whole truck bed or a larger shelf.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Wouldn’t that be more efficient?

Alternatively, if it’s a real deer and the driver was taking it home to cook for dinner: was this homemade shelf just in the car in case?

Do people do this?

Finally, if it was a fake dead deer and this was just some sort of goofy, weird decoration: to what end?

So when did this become a thing? Have you seen something similar? Or better yet: are you someone who has done this? Please let me know.

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