Don't judge me by the headline. I'm not the one saying it. It's a Wallethub study that is pointing to New Jersey drivers as the worst drivers in the United States. So for all of us who have pointed to New Yorkers as the problem or to Pennsylvania drivers as the jerks who won't get out of the left lane, this study says overall we're wrong. It's us.

It's a combination of factors that gives us another number 1 ranking in an area where no one wants one. Things like speeding, braking too hard, using your cell phone while driving, aggressive acceleration (hey, the light turned green didn't it?!?), turning poorly and on and on. Okay so we suck. Thanks a lot Wallethub.

Did New Jersey as a state fare any better in some other categories such as gas prices or road quality? Well, we ranked 9th worst overall. When it comes to terrible rush hour traffic we came in at 10th worst. Gas prices specifically? 12th worst. There goes your argument about how the ban on full serve keeps gas prices low here; it's always been the gas tax and they took that away from us in Christie's second term. The cost of maintaining your car? 5th worst in the United States.

Is there anything positive from this report for the Garden State? No, there's not. So grab the Men In Black neuralizer and forget you ever read this. You'll be happier.

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