Never let an Uber driver access your phone; a New Jersey couple learned that lesson after their driver gave himself a $100 tip after a trip home from the airport.

According to a story in The Daily Journal, the Willingboro couple, Michael Booker and Donna Wilson-Booker, were coming home from the Philadelphia Airport via Uber and got a particularly chatty driver.

When they encountered a traffic backup, the driver suggested (and took) an alternate route, Donna Wilson-Booker told the publication. Arriving at the couple’s home, the driver asked for Donna’s phone so he could correct the route he used in her Uber app, saying that the company wanted to know about such things, she said. The Daily Journal says that according to Donna, the driver ducked behind the trunk, quickly did something on the phone, and handed it back.

After relaxing, Donna checked her app and noticed that not only had the driver given himself a five star review, he had also given himself a $100 tip, she told the Journal. She called Uber, but didn’t get any satisfaction, so, at her daughter’s suggestion, she posted her complaint to Twitter and got a very prompt response; just not a satisfactory one. Uber wanted to just credit her account, but since she rarely uses Uber, Donna didn’t accept their offer, she said. In the end, Uber didn’t just refund her tip, they refunded the entire fare.

Just to reiterate, if an Uber (or Lyft) driver asks for your phone, don’t give it to them!

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