A 15-year-old New Brunswick High School freshman's family is looking for justice after a brutal beating that was caught on video — and that family members say was let continue by a security guard standing by, doing nothing.

In the video posted by the news website New Brunswick Today, a student is seen on top of another kicking and punching him, and yelling obscenities, before eventually being led away by a security guard. The student being hit, Oscar Aparicio Jr., told the site he he fractured his nose, sprained his shoulder and lost a tooth in the attack, which he said took place last Thursday. Aparicio said he was jumped from behind and attacked by a student he said is a junior.

"After this, I no longer feel safe in school," Aparicio told the site. He said a security guard watched the fight before escorting the attacker away, leaving Aparicio on the floor holding his head in pain.

Aparicio's family said that no ambulance was called to the school and that a school official told them the attacker's likely punishment will be a 7- to 10-day suspension from school. They have called for a protest on Tuesday in front of the Board of Education building to "open everybody's minds" and invite others who have had similar experiences in a New Brunswick school to attend.

An email message to New Brunswick High School principal Jorge Diaz has not yet been returned.


YouTube video posted by New Brunswick today