This isn’t something I normally do but this isn’t something that normally happens, either.

Because of the divorce, I moved into a new neighborhood in Flemington. I recently met a good man, a new neighbor, named Bill Sladden, who almost lost his wife Rhonda. Out of nowhere she was stricken with a very rare flesh-eating bacteria that began in her upper arm and very quickly spread on her upper body. She had to be rushed into emergency surgery twice in two days.

She was in the ICU at Hunterdon Medical Center for six long touch-and-go weeks. This poor woman was only given a 5% chance of survival as her husband who loves her very much stuck by her and grappled with the possibility of losing his best friend.

She lived. But it’s left her with a long road of recovery and ongoing medical bills with a visiting nurse. It’s left the family in a dire financial predicament. You can imagine what a month and a half of ICU bills will do.

I talked to Bill this weekend, the day before Easter, and with tears in his eyes he told me how every day when he gets home from his hard work as a roofer he takes Rhonda on a walk as she tries to regain her strength and they can only make it to the corner a few houses down before she’s exhausted.

All of this is breaking my heart and I’m going to ask if you can please look at this GoFundMe page another neighbor set up for them. I understand everyone has their own problems and their own money issues. But if you can give anything, anything at all, I know it would ease the weight on the shoulders of this poor family who didn’t deserve this.

If you can’t afford to donate even a small amount, could you at least share this to as many people as possible on your social media?

Click here for the link to the GoFundMe page for Rhonda Sladden.

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wasn’t willing to do. I’ve already donated $300. I wish I had more. These are good people. Hard-working people. People just like you, except the unthinkable happened to them.

The medical bills that have piled up because of saving Rhonda’s life are debilitating to the family. Bill was telling me how he’s never not paid his debts in his life and how much it’s all weighing on him when he’s not the kind to ignore them. All while still worried so much about Rhonda. And he didn’t ask for this help. I’m asking for him.

No. Actually, I’m begging. Please.

Again, here’s where you can help.

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