One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the reappearance of Holiday Mint M&Ms, as they are only available for a limited time. Once all the mint M&Ms disappear from the shelves, the cherry M&Ms will appear for Valentine’s Day, although they are much harder to find. When I couldn’t find any cherry M&Ms in the stores this year, it occurred to me that I could probably find them on line, and I did, but I also found other varieties that I had never heard of.

I decided to try as many as I could, but some I just couldn’t find, like Orange Chocolate M&Ms, which sound awesome. I also didn’t include the easy to find varieties like Pretzel, Coconut, Regular, and Peanut. So this is what I had to work with.

Bill Doyle/NJ1015 TSM New Jersey

- The Cherry Cordial M&Ms I have had before, I like them a lot, but the cherry flavor is pretty strong, so after a few handfuls I’ve had enough.

-  The Holiday Mint M&Ms are my all time favorite and I can easily eat a whole bag in one sitting; I think they are great. If you like the mint/chocolate combination, these are for you.

-  The Pumpkin Spice M&Ms I had never heard of, and I had high hopes for them. They were ok, but there’s more “spice” than “pumpkin”. They tasted kind of cinnamon-y.

-  The Gingerbread M&Ms were just plain awful. I can’t describe the taste other than to say it doesn’t taste like candy.

- The Red Velvet M&Ms were really good, very rich and chocolaty for an M&M.

- I would definitely buy the Red Velvet M&Ms again, along with the mint and cherry ones, but I can do without the others.