Ever since she became a special education language arts teacher at Somerville Middle School, my wife Aubree has joined the Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside Heights. I've always been proud of her for that, but when we found out our son Atticus has autism it took on special meaning. Now with Cooper, 2, also being diagnosed it has become a mission. They are both registered as Special Olympics New Jersey Young Athletes and Atticus has already done basketball and will be starting gymnastics.

Each year she is part of the crew from Somerville Middle School that makes the pilgrimage to Seaside Heights and braves the icy Atlantic. Some folks still don't realize how far reaching Special Olympics New Jersey is in nature. This isn't only about Down syndrome, but any intellectual disability or cognitive delay including autism. With the highest rates of autism in the country New Jersey greatly benefits from this organization. So many people get to participate in this wonderful not-for-profit which does so much good.

If you can support Special Olympics New Jersey by donating to my wife you'll find her donation page here. It's a group effort, so if you'd prefer to donate to anyone else from the Somerville Middle School team great; it all goes to the same place. Or find a group of your own, it really doesn't matter as long as this fine organization gets the help to keep on with their mission.

The Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights takes place this year on February 22nd and keeping with tradition our own Big Joe Henry will be on hand broadcasting live from Spicy Cantina on the boardwalk. Joe always does an outstanding job with this and it is the most fun and crazy party atmosphere you can imagine.

If you don't want to donate to my wife or her crew you can donate elsewhere or even form your own team. That link to donate or register is here. Again, if you want my wife's direct page find it here. Thanks New Jersey!

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