In case you're not familiar with the saying, if something is so foreign to your thought process that you can't possibly understand it, people would say, "It's Greek to me." Well, Gov. Phil Murphy's handling of the coronavirus outbreak has been so foreign to my, and to many others, understanding of how an American governor should act, it's Greek to us.

It's also incomprehensible how so many in New Jersey could unquestionably go along with his edicts and executive orders controlling most aspects of our lives.

Enter the Greeks. The nation of Greece is now requiring its citizens to text the government for permission to leave their house during a resurgence of the virus there. Murphy admitted that the Bill of Rights was above his pay-grade earlier this year in a nationally broadcast interview, so it might be one of his "everything is on the table" options he talked about last week.

With great anticipation, the whole state, and its' loyal subjects, listened for guidance from King Murphy on Monday and the surfs were relieved. His highness, or "hineyness," saw fit to show mercy to his unruly plebs by not being more severe with them. No interstate, indoor, scholastic or club sports for grade school, middle and high school athletes. You know those kids from Delaware and Pennsylvania are super-spreaders! No sitting at the bar and restaurants must close between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. because, as we know, viruses spread more rapidly under the cover of darkness. Science and data! Science and data, you foolish peasants! The kingdom's medicine men and women have spoken to the king and informed him that he must act for the sake of his throne and all of its tax paying subjects.

While we're on the topic of jolly old England, they too are reportedly overstepping their bounds in the city of Liverpool, where it's been reported that the British Army will vaccinate school children without parental consent. The state of New Jersey has been trying to take away choice for parents when it comes to vaccines in an attempt as recent as earlier this year, so this might be on of "all of the options on the table". Revisiting the Greek government's rule of texting them for permission to leave their house.

Can you imagine the f@$#ing, texts Murphy would get here in Jersey?! And that's just from my 90-year-old mom!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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