The man who can pretty much pay any tax in the world wants average working class folks to pay even more. Once the budget was finally settled, (you know, the one that very nearly brought about yet another government shut down, the one that raised taxes on everything from corporations to millionaires to more relatable things like ridesharing apps and Airbnb rentals) he says he wants more.

Gov. Murphy still isn't done going after a sales tax hike.

Once the gas tax was raised under Christie part of the trade-off was a gradual lowering of the state sales tax to its present 6.625%. Murphy has wanted it raised back to 7% but without the legal requirement of returning the gas tax to its lower rate. (See this past article on the poison pill.) During a radio appearance Monday Gov. Murphy said he still wants it done even though he gave up on the idea during the budget battle.

"We did not undo that in the budget (and) that's one that I still think we should undo."

Our last budget under Christie was $34.7 billion. A year later we have a $37.4 billion budget. That's nearly a 10% increase in one year. And of course, we have to do things like pay for illegal immigrants' lawyer fees to fight their deportation, right? Hey, as long as they're spending it wisely, huh?

This governor is a disgrace. He talked a big game during the campaign about his humble beginnings. Then why is he still hellbent on hiking the sales tax when it hurts the poorest among us? This disproportionately impacts those in the lower income brackets to whom an extra few dollars a month actually does mean something. Money may have lost its meaning for the mega wealthy like Phil Murphy, but not for the rest of us.

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