In this country and this state, we are supposed to have a representative form of government. It was designed to keep power as close to the peoples' hands as possible. That's why we have an Assembly and Senate in New Jersey to represent the various districts in the state, so that YOU have more of a say as to what happens in your world.

Gov. Murphy has stolen that from you. Not for the original "15 days to flatten the curve" but now for almost an entire year.

Wednesday, he again extended the state of the emergency in New Jersey and retained sole power and control of what goes on in this state. The only thing more disgusting and disappointing than that fact is that YOU, the citizens of New Jersey, seem to be OK with it.

We know a lot more now about COVID-19 than we did 11 months ago when things seemed to be getting scary. The hospitals are not overwhelmed and they thankfully never were. Advances have been made in therapeutics to combat the virus and a vaccine is now being rolled out to the people who want to take it. There is no need for one person to maintain total control of an entire state beyond his initial precautionary 15 days almost a year ago.

A handful of our representatives have tried to put the power back in the hands of your representatives, but the Democratic controlled Senate and Assembly have decided to keep dishonoring our system and, ultimately, YOU!

This is an election year and if you use your intellect and knowledge of how this system should work, and not the fear and emotional manipulation that some politicians and the media have spread this past year, you will vote this tyrant out this coming November. And if you don't, we'll all get what YOU deserve.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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