I understand human nature. It is natural to want to be nicer to someone if you need something from him than if you do not. However, I have always believed that as ethical human beings, we should fight that inclination. Be nice to everyone whether you need them or not. Support people whether they have something to offer you or not.

I also understand the one-hand-washes-the-other aspect of politics. But Gov. Phil Murphy‘s flip-flop on President Donald Trump is so egregious I just have to point out here. When the governor needed funds for his portal bridge project, he broke bread with the president and was tickled with the $766 million pledge Trump made for the stalled New Jersey rail project.

That was in June.

Before that, when he went to the feds begging for COVID-19 aid, he remarked on the president's leadership skills and his ability to partner well to achieve important goals. This has all changed now that the governor has gotten what he wanted from the president. Murphy made "nicey nice" with President Trump when he dined with him at his Bedminster golf club, presumably thrilled that he was able to get Trump to agree to fund the governor’s pet project.

He then again showed his admiration and respect for the president when he met with him in the Oval Office in April. In case you don’t believe me, the White House on its own website provides an interesting transcript of the meeting during which the governor spoke to Trump in almost reverential terms.

According to WhiteHouse.gov, here are some of the statements governor Murphy made to President Trump on April 30th.

“Murphy: First of all, Mr. President, to you and your team, we’re incredibly honored to be here. I thank you for the enormous help in our darkest hour of need....”

“Now, I think, we’re going to be in a very good place thanks to you and your team....”

"And again, we couldn’t be making the progress we’re making without you and your administration."

"And so to you and to your incredibly talented team.....well, we thank you for everything.”

“Financially, ... you know, we’ve been crushed, and I appreciate your consideration on the financial side going forward as well. So thank you for everything.”

“Thank you for your partnership and leadership on this. It’s meant an enormous amount on our state.

“An honor to be with you. And this is a big deal for us. Thank you.”

Now that the deal is done, and Murphy has done God knows what with the money, he’s decided to say what he really feels about Donald Trump‘s leadership.

Calling the president's debate performance “embarrassing,” he said “We as a nation have suffered and continue to suffer from lack of national policies, lack of national guidance that would apply to all states.”

Funny how you change your tune when you get what you need. But I guess that’s politics.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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