Let's call this a Tale of Two Men.

One is Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino. 46 years in law enforcement. He joined the Emerson Police Department in 1973 and worked his way through the ranks as a detective, sergeant and lieutenant. He eventually served as their police chief. He also spent 11 years on the Bergen County Police Academy Advisory Board, was a volunteer fireman in Emerson for two decades and was a squad leader in the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Arson unit.

For the last several years he has served as Bergen County Sheriff having been elected three times. Now Gov. Phil Murphy demands his resignation. Why? Because back in January he was caught on an audio recording talking about Murphy's inaugural address, Murphy's coming policies, and said several things that have raised eyebrows and cries of racism and homophobia.

Among them, the fact that he felt the progressive governor would be tying the hands of law enforcement, and he spoke of one race when he said, "He talked about the whole thing, the marijuana, sanctuary state...better criminal justice reform. Christ almighty, in other words, let the blacks come in, do whatever the f--k they want, smoke their marijuana, do this do that, and don't worry about it. You know, we'll tie the hands of cops."

He also pointed out how Murphy had been bragging about the team he had been putting together being the most diverse in Jersey history, and said Attorney General Gurbir Grewal wasn't appointed because of Bergen County but because of "the turban."

He also appears to question whether unmarried Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver is a lesbian.

The other man is Marcellus Jackson. He's a former city councilman from Passaic. A corrupt former city councilman. He was caught taking bribes by undercover FBI operatives and pleaded guilty in 2007. He took $26,000 in bribes in violation of the public trust to steer contracts. He was sentenced to prison and was released in 2011.

He's an ex-con.

He's also working a cush job for $70,000 a year at the Department of Education. Gov. Murphy has defended his hiring of this ex-convict who abused his authority. Murphy rewarded him with more authority saying he was "completely comfortable" with his decision. "Somebody made a mistake, they admitted it."

Meanwhile, Sheriff Saudino has not denied it was his voice on this secret recording. He has owned up to it. He has apologized for it. "At this time I would like to offer my sincere apology to the people of Bergen County for the insensitive recorded remarks that were made public today,” Saudino said. “These remarks are not representative of the person that I am and they are in no way consistent with the manner in which I have conducted my life personally and as a law enforcement professional with over 46 years of service to the residents of Bergen County.”

Somebody made a mistake, they admitted it.

So what are the differences between these two men? One is an ex-con who broke the law and violated the public trust. The other is a 46 year law enforcer who didn't break any laws but said harsh and unpopular things. Some would say vile things. Another difference is Marcellus Jackson was an early campaign supporter of Phil Murphy's.

So what does Murphy say about Jackson, a criminal? He's completely comfortable with his decision. Jackson made a mistake and he admitted it.

What does he say about Saudino, who broke no laws? That he's "unfit for public office."

Interesting. The guy who actually held public office and abused it and was imprisoned for it is not deemed unfit. But the other guy who served 46 years in law enforcement and apologized for his words is?

I'm not defending the words of Saudino. I understand the outrage. It's the hypocrisy I can't stomach.

Phil Murphy is a hypocrite. Let's hope he's a one-term hypocrite.

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