Vicki Curran acknowledges a wonderful teacher in today's pick for "Jersey's Favorite Teacher". Ms. Panella, from Brielle Elementary School is only a second year teacher but already she has made a difference a difference in the life of Vicki's son.

Her son had had a difficult year the year before he had Ms. Panella, and she managed to turn that around for him. Now Vicki's son has a positive attitude towards school and feel so much better about himself!

Ms. Pinella is no longer his teacher, but he and the family still keep in contact with her (and he even insisted on getting her a gift at the end of the year although she's not even his teacher anymore). He often seeks her out just to make contact and say hello.
Ms. Panella finds something about each child that's special and worth celebrating.

Now, that's a teacher everyone wishes that their child could have!

Dennis and Judi are sponsoring up with Mark Montenero from Autoland to celebrate Jersey's Favorite Teachers. Tell us about a teacher who has made a difference in your life. Dennis and Judi will read some of their favorite submissions on the air over the next several days. Each selected teacher will get a $100 gift certificate to Fords Jewelers, and the person nominating the teacher will get a family four-pack to iPlay America.

One overall winner will get a bagel breakfast for the teacher's whole class with Mark, Dennis and Judi.

Nominate your favorite teacher today:

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