I was web surfing over the weekend when I stumbled across a Rotten Tomatoes list of some of the worst movies ever made. Number one on that list was a forgettable, awful followup to Saturday Night Fever called Staying Alive. I don’t know how John Travolta feels about this looking back on it, but it never should have been made. So awful in following the same character, Tony Manero, into his life as a professional dancer, this movie is practically impossible to find. It’s like the universe doesn’t want anything to acknowledge its existence.

We had some fun taking calls on the worst movies people had seen. Now for me this falls into two categories. Movies so awful you want to warn others not to waste their time. Also, movies so bad that they’re actually entertaining in a way never intended.

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One such movie is Road House with Patrick Swayze. A completely cliched rough honky tonk bar that needs Patrick Swayze brought in as a security expert. His character is so ridiculously too cool for the room it turns into an unintentional comedy. This guy is like the dumb Chuck Norris tough memes come to life.

Someone called in Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Who knew aliens might arrive in a spaceship that resembled a circus tent and look exactly like clowns would here on earth!? What are the odds!?

Then there was The Amazing Bulk. No, not the Incredible Hulk. Say it with me...Amazing Bulk. Clearly a knockoff and a terrible one at that. On IMDB.com it has a user rating of only 1.7 out of 10.

Was that shot entirely on a Green Screen???

But proving entertainment is always subjective, someone even called in Borat as a bad movie. A...bad...movie? Sasha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius. But this caller felt Borat was one of the dumbest things she’d ever seen. Really? Come on! Check out this fine acting!

Hey they can’t all be gems. I’m sure Hollywood producers need tax write-offs too. There will be a vaccine for COVID-19 long before there’s a cure for bad movies.

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