Location, location, location. isn't that the cardinal rule of real estate? It certainly is the best feature of the most expensive home sold in a Jersey Shore town in 2021.

How Much Was the House?

An Avalon house recently sold for $11.15 million, making it the most expensive property sold in a Jersey Shore town so far this year.

What Does It Have to Offer?

First and foremost -- beautiful views. The house offers superior oceanfront views from every angle of the beachfront home in the south end of Avalon. The kitchen, living room, and dining room, and several bedrooms all overlook the ocean. The six-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom home has a pool and spa.

Are South Jersey Home Prices Going Crazy?

In a word...yes. Zillow reports that home values skyrocketed in our three southern Shore counties, with Atlantic County home values increasing 18.3% year over year, Cape May County home values increasing 19.6%, and Ocean County home values increasing 21.9%.

An Avalon spec home with a West Coast flair is the most expensive house currently for sale on the Jersey Shore at a whopping $22.9 million.

Is it Worth It?

It is to the person who bought it. Let's face it, this is an ultimate trophy house. It has the best beachfront location on a block or outstanding homes. Maybe a better question to ask is, will this home hold its value and turn a profit someday when the new owner decides to sell it? Probably. That means it is worth it.

Let's take a look at the most expensive house sold so far this year at the Jersey Shore.

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Take a look at the most expensive house sold this year at the Jersey shore.

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