The Bottom Line

Generally quiet, generally mild, generally pleasant.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

Don't let fog, clouds, and a few raindrops bum you out too much - there is plenty of splendid Spring weather in this forecast.  Temperatures will remain above normal for the foreseeable future.
The only chance of precipitation this week will be sprinkles on Wednesday, and scattered showers/t-storms on Friday.  We could also see widespread 70s return at the end of the week.


This weekend was almost too sunny and too nice.  Just kidding, of course - hopefully you got outside to soak up some vitamin D and warmth.  If not, you'll have many more opportunities coming up.

The key to this weekend's crystal clear weather?  Dry air.  Kept skies clear and rain-free, and allowed temperatures to quickly warm into the 60s across most of the state.

Now?  Our air is less dry, especially along the coast.  With a little bit of humidity to work with, the atmosphere could churn up some fog and low clouds early on this Monday morning.  Keep in mind, fog is one of the hardest kinds of weather to forecast - it requires a very specific set of circumstances, that is difficult to pinpoint.  So fog is not a guarantee - as of this writing, skies are crystal clear and visibility is perfect.  But it is something to watch for, especially in southern and coastal NJ.

Farther inland, sunshine continues.  And in the "fog zone," sun should break out by this afternoon at the latest.  High temperatures will range from the mid 50s (coast) to lower 60s (inland central).

Widespread dense fog is far more likely to form Monday night.  Low temperatures will dip to around the 40 degree mark.


The day will start foggy for most/all of the state.  Then we'll hopefully catch a few hours of sun around midday, before clouds start to increase in the afternoon.  With high temperatures near 60 degrees, it will be another pleasant Spring day (once the fog gets kicked out).


The bleak spot of the week.  Our weather will turn a bit dreary, as a disintegrating storm system comes to visit.  We'll see cloudy skies at the very least.  And most models paint spotty showers and sprinkles over New Jersey too.  It won't be a soaker, but potentially damp.  As a result, high temperatures will come down to the mid 50s or so.  Still above seasonal normals, for the record.


All signs point to a beautiful day.  Partly sunny and 60s.

The Extended Forecast

Friday is going to be a rather active weather day, for several reasons.  First, a little storm system in the morning could spark a few showers and thunderstorms.  Then, high temperatures will surge into the 70s away from the Jersey Shore, with a touch of humidity in the air.  Then a cold front will introduce a gusty wind (to 40 mph) and possibly one more round of showers late-day.

Those 70s will only last a day, as thermometers get knocked back again for the weekend.  Not entirely unpleasant though.  Our latest forecast shows lower 60s with breezy sunshine on Saturday.  50s, some clouds, and some late-day rain expected for Sunday.

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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