According to a recent poll of 500 registered New Jersey voters, 68% either somewhat or strongly support the legalization of marijuana here. This issue is being voted on by we the people through a ballot question on Election Day. If the poll by DLC Analytics is even somewhat accurate, we will soon have recreational marijuana legally available in the Garden State.

Now we’re used to liquor stores. We got used to vape shops. But a weed market will be new. And weird. Weirder still is that they won’t have to be hung up on some prestigious sounding name since this is no longer medical marijuana. This is recreational we’re taking about. For fun. So the names can get creative for marketing purposes.

In taking callers’ opinions Tuesday about how they’d vote on the ballot question we also invited them to come up with a clever name for a marijuana shop. Our listeners never disappoint.

A few that they came up with...

Smoke De-pot (like Smoke Depot but with a hyphen so it could be said as either smoke depot or smoke dee pot)

Weed The People

Bongs n’ Thongs (if it were in a beach town)

Sea Weed (also if it were in a beach town)

Puff The Magic Dragon

High Roller

Toke n’ Poke (called in by someone who wants to see a brothel with a marijuana license)

Grass n’ Mass (called in by someone who wants to buy weed at church)

Weed Then Feed (a marijuana and junk food emporium)

Pain Free Joints (I pity the arthritis patient who wanders in by accident)

And finally, possibly the best name for a weed shop I ever heard....

Ganj With The Wind (this HAS to happen)

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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