A New Jersey college radio station got quite a big honor when it was named the top collegiate station in the country. As reported on NJ.com, WMSC, Montclair State University’s radio station, garnered the top prize awarded by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for 2021. The station actually won four awards: Joshua Tirado, Best Program Director; Kaya Maciak, Best Business Manager; Best Use of Sound Effects; and Best Station at a college with more than 10,000 students.

It doesn’t surprise me; my son, Sam, is a graduate of MSU and worked for WMSC for four years and I have visited the studios. The facilities at the student station rival any commercial station where I’ve ever worked. As a matter of fact, much of their equipment is the same or similar to what we use here at NJ 101.5. It makes me feel better about all the money I’ve given to Montclair State for his tuition. Special recognition should go to the station’s faculty advisor, Annabella Poland, for creating and maintaining such a high standard for the students. According to the school, the recognition comes during a year in which the coronavirus pandemic forced the station to improvise and find new ways to broadcast its mix of alt-rock, sports and talk.

Of course, the school is very proud of the accomplishment. “These prestigious awards affirm the hard work and standard of excellence achieved by Anabella and her team of student leaders, even through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” says Keith Strudler, director of the School of Communication and Media. “It’s a public recognition of something we’ve known all along in the School of Communication and Media – that WMSC is truly the best college station in the nation.”

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