Thursday, Monmouth University announced its intention to indefinitely suspended all fraternity and sorority activity at its campus, and I say it’s about time. I applaud Monmouth University for its understanding that in 2018, we need to seriously take a new look at the Greek system, and whether it is relevant anymore, the same way we have looked at and modified so many aspects of modern society. Because hey,  the world is way different now! Any gender can walk into any bathroom, historical statues barely exist anymore, the freaking swimsuit competition has been considered obsolete! So what has taken so long for us to realize that fraternities and sororities are useless and passé?

Here’s what I wrote back in February 2017 in a piece about Penn State student Timothy Piazza, who died in a horrible hazing ritual. I will take the liberty of reiterating it here:

Fraternities have become nothing more than a breeding ground for poor judgement, juvenile behavior, law breaking, underage drinking, and sexual assault, it’s time to break the chain and put an end to the entire “Greek System” as we know it. It’s way too late to try to enforce the rules or modify the system to fit the personalities and sensibilities of the modern college student whose sense of entitlement is high and sense of responsibility is low.

It's clear that the fraternity system is not longer appropriate for the level of maturity today's college students possess.

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