Your favorite restaurant is finally opening in Monmouth County this Saturday.

If I had to hear one more person whining about the fact that we don’t have a Shake Shack in Monmouth County, I was going to kill myself. Yes, there’s a Shake Shack at the Monmouth rest stop of the Parkway (and people are driving all the way to the Parkway just to be able to savor a Shack burger), but it just is not the same as a freestanding restaurant in a normal location.

This Saturday is the big day, as Monmouth Mall will unveil its Shake Shack location at 11 a.m. Get there quickly because they have some Shake Shack merch to give away to the first 100 customers.

As an extra incentive (not that you would need one), the Eatontown Shake Shack will donate 5 percent of sales from their special "Pie Oh My” concrete to The Jillian Fund, A charity that helps kids with life-threatening illnesses.

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