JERSEY CITY — A city native who now lives in South Carolina is in mourning after her four children were all killed in a crash.

Now her former community and her current town are coming together to help her pay for the funerals of all the children.

All four children were involved in a crash on Friday, according to the Greenville News. Three of Jackie Brown's children died on the scene, while a fourth died in the hospital two days later, the News reported. The South Carolina State Highway Patrol told the News that the car the children were riding in went off the road and struck several trees in the single-car crash. The driver, who was only identified as a 27-year-old from Greenville, was hospitalized after the crash.

On the night of the crash, Brown took to Facebook in an emotional post to her children saying "now mommy is not ok I needed yall why did yall leave me like this."

"I see this everyday all over the world but not in a million years id (sic) I ever think I'd be burying my heart," she said. "Mommy love yall forever it dont (sic) stop here."

Earlier in the day she said in a post that her children "taught me how to live, but never taught me how to live without them," saying that this "dream is so unreal."

In a post on her Facebook page on Sunday morning Brown said the death of her children has "left me feeling so incomplete but I love yall and yall so much." She also posted later that her children Arnez  Yaron Jaimson Jr.,4, Robbina Evans, 6, Jamire Halley, 8, and Ar'mani Jamison, 2, will have funerals in South Carolina and New Jersey.

In order to help with funeral expenses, a GoFundMe drive was started on Friday with a goal of raising $50,000. At the time the page was posted the youngest child was still in the intensive care unit.

The page describes Brown as a "wonderful loving mother." As of Monday night the fundraising effort has raised more than $40,000 in just three days.

A vigil has also been planned for Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Lincoln High School in Jersey City to help raise money for Brown's family.

"If your (sic) not busy please come out and help support Jaz in her time of need," a woman named Latifah Sheppard said in a Facebook post for the vigil. "Anything helps nothings to big or to small."

Sheppard said she hoped the vigil would "bring the whole city together."

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