RUNNEMEDE — A mother living in New Jersey until this week spent Thursday in tears — the day she was set to be deported, and the day her daughter was set to attend her prom.

NBC Philadelphia spent Thursday afternoon with the mother, Salina Sikander, of Runnemede, and teen Shajeda Sikander, a high school junior who skipped the prom to be with her mother.

When Salina Sikander reported for what NBC described as a "routine immigration check," she was told she had to leave the country, the station's report says. reports Salina Sikander, originally from Bangladesh, had lived in the United States for 20 years. It cited court documents from 2010 showing her husband's 1998 application seeking asylum for the family based on political persecution was rejected.

"I don't really know when I'm going to see her next," Shajeda Sikander told NBC.

According to the NBC report, the family's father was deported in November. Salina Sikander was given a six-month reprieve, but a request to hold off deportation until Shajeda Sikander's deportation was denied, the report said.

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