Comedian Michelle Wolf dug herself in deep after viciously going after the White House Press Secretary on her appearance during her comedy routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner. She also took shots at the Vice President with a really inappropriate joke about abortion. My initial reaction was part disgust with the content and the fact that she simply wasn't that funny. I also had a thought that Washington is so full of hypocrites that it's open season on the Trump White House, especially the women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway who have risen to the top echelon in their field.

My conclusion is that as annoying as the main stream media can be, there is a tradition of comedians mocking the people in power and, despite tremendous hypocrisy in the way that the same crowd handled the Clintons and the Obamas, it's just comedy. If you're a fan of the President as I am, then you know the mocking only makes him stronger. This is true of presidents before Trump. The birther attacks emboldened President Obama. The GOP obsession with President Clinton's sex life had no negative impact on his approvals. If you are a detractor of President Trump, you already feel the way you feel and maybe you found some humor in the comments. But either way, who cares. It's a relatively new comedian tasked with mocking the current administration. Why elevate the remarks to anything more than poor taste joke telling. Have you ever been to a comedy show?

For her part, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a class act. She didn't react and simply sat through the presentation without flinching. It's sad that comics feel the need to get into the dirt and sink so low that Michelle Wolf managed to offend the same left leaning media that probably would have laughed all the way through had she toned down the personal attacks. See for yourself and let me know what you think.

She was my guest on the morning show last October and we discussed the challenges of being a female comic as well as New Yorkers' natural tendency to hate New Jersey.

Wondering the next time a left wing women is mocked in public, if the same people defending Michelle Wolf will be consistent and let everybody know it's just humor. My guess is that even if there are a few consistent voices they'll be drowned out by the calls of misogyny and bigotry. We'll see.

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