FLORENCE — It was a weekend of heartache for a mother whose daughter has been missing for a week.

Police say 14-year-old Hannah Rose Jones  left her Florence home a week ago and was believed to have been in Trenton or Morrisville. She was a passenger in car that struck two Philadelphia sheriff's office deputies on Saturday night and was reported to have been in police custody.

A police spokesman said the deputies ordered the driver to shut off the vehicle, but he pulled away, hitting one deputy. The car's side view mirror broke and the deputy fell to the ground, bruising his hands and knees.

Police said the vehicle was found nearby and a 32-year-old suspect was found blocks away. He was identified by both deputies as the driver.

Roseanne Giovanetti initially posted on her Facebook page that Hannah was in police custody, but had to retract the statement several hours later.

"This is a nightmare. The news was wrong. Police just left my home, they found the abandoned car, then the guy, but Hannah had already taken off. I'm so sorry everyone, I believed the news report. Awful, just awful," Jones said in her post.

Giovanetti told ABC 6 Action News the FBI has joined the search over concern she could be part of a human trafficking ring.

She told NJ.com that the search for was focused on Philadelphia because Jones had sent video to her friends via social media from there.

Gionavnetti wrote on her Facebook page that Rose has no fear of strangers or strange places, and is attracted to “big city street life” because she thinks it's glamorous. She also wrote it’s not the first time Rose has left home.

Florence Police asked anyone with information about her whereabouts to call 609-499-3131.

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