A new bankrate.com survey finds millennials are falling victim to common vices, such as spending too much at coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

"The average millennial dines at a restaurant or buys takeout food five times per week. So that is pretty major," Financial expert Sarah Berger said.

Berger, known as "The Cashlorette" for her Bankrate blog of the same name, focuses on millennial money, saving for the future and living well for less.

"We found that 42 percent of all millennials typically go to a bar at least once a week, and that is in comparison to just 24 percent of gen Xers, 19 percent of baby boomers, and 11 percent of people in the silent generation. So we are seeing them spending their money on these smaller expenses," she said.

Bankrate finds almost 3 in 10 millennials buy from a coffee shop each week.

"I think that this is more something that comes with being young. I think that when you are young, there is a lot of temptation out there. You likely do not have that established family structure. You do not have to spend money on children," Berger said. "So you are going out and spending time socializing and dating, which often takes place at bars and restaurants. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it can definitely get expensive, and these expenses can definitely spiral."

Berger said for those millennials seeking to put the brakes on those spending vices, "put yourself on a strict budget and allocate specific dollar amounts that you allow yourself to spend per week."

She suggests a high-yield savings account or investment will help millennials establish rainy-day funds."

"So you can definitely (take) that 20 dollars that you spend on coffee in a week, and do so much more if you put it in the right spot and watch it grow," she said.

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