We've been fortunate to have some great comics joining us on the air before they perform a weekend of shows at the Stress Factory. Today, my guest was a fantastic performer who starred as 'Mike' from the hit show Mike and Molly.

Billy Gardell is a humble guy who, in his conversation, showed a true appreciate ion of his fans and the people buying tickets to see him perform on stage. He's got a great guest role on the prequel to the 'Big Bang Theory', Young Sheldon, playing the father of the guy who picks on Sheldon.

I was impressed by his humor and thoughtfulness especially when he talked about his dad and the attitude imparted to him. When the funniest guy in the room is also one of the nicest, you've got a great combination for huge success.

There's still time to see Billy at the Stress Factory even though two of the four shows are already sold out. Get your tickets HERE!

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