The Lyrid meteor shower is in full swing this week, meaning you can expect to see ten to twenty shooting stars per hour!

According to, while the showers will continue for some time, your best chance to view them is from late Tuesday (April 21st) night into early Wednesday morning. They should appear (clouds permitting) in the northeast after sundown and almost directly overhead in the pre-dawn hours.

The recommendation from is to lie on the ground for the best vantage point and for greatest comfort. Also, coming just before the new moon, the meteors should stick out in the night sky, again, weather permitting. The absolute peak is expected to be around 2 am (EDT).

Technically, the Lyrid meteor shower lasts until April 30th, so there will still be the opportunity to see it if Tuesday’s weather doesn’t cooperate, but the peak is the 21st-22nd.