LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP — The ex-wife of New Jersey's latest big lottery jackpot winner is not interested in reconciliation -- but hopes he does the "right thing morally" when it comes to sharing his windfall.

Mike Weirsky, 54, of Alpha was formally announced on Thursday by the New Jersey Lottery as the winner of the $273 million Mega Millions jackpot drawn a week ago.

The stay-at-home husband, who divorced his wife of 15 years last fall, said he left the ticket on the counter of the Quick Chek store when he bought the ticket. A good Samaritan saw the ticket on the counter and gave them to the clerk. Weirsky returned to the store the next day before the drawing and picked up the ticket.

The lottery said that had someone held onto the ticket and signed it, that person could have claimed the prize. Weirsky said he wants to give that person something but wants to keep it private.

Decked out in Yankees gear, Weirsky said he's going to "sit back and enjoy" the money. He said the first thing he's going to do is buy a new pickup truck, then buy his mother a new car and pay to remodel her home.

Weirsky's ex, Eileen Murray, told the New York Post that Weirsky did not become any more appealing to her because of his win. She would not disclose the reason their marriage ended but said she was paying Weirsky spousal support.

Murray said she will not ask for a cut of the jackpot but hoped he do the right "moral thing" considering how long she supported him.

A caller to Michele Pilenza and Jeff Edelstein during their show on Friday morning --"Barry from Phillipsburg" -- identified himself as a childhood friend and defended Weirksy. Pilenza and Edelstein were filling in for Bill Spadea.

"I don't want people downing him thinking he's the slouch," the caller said, calling him a "good guy."

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