As the holiday season approaches, McDonald's has announced plans for a hiring boom that could provide close to 3,000 jobs for New Jerseyans.

The company and its franchisees plan to hire close to 2,900 people, using social media as one of its main methods of finding the new employees. In addition to applications, McDonald's announced they will also have "Snaplications" available through Snapchat.

"Based on the success of the first round of Snaplications, we are excited to bring this platform back for job seekers during the holiday season," franchisee Alana Marinello said in a statement. "We provide restaurant employees with opportunities by offering flexible schedules, professional skills, and education. It is part of our commitment to being American's best first job."

"Snaplications" were first used by the company in Australia before being brought to the United States during the summer. The company said with the Snaplications came a 35 percent increase in applications, and a 30 percent increase in traffic to its career page.

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