🍔 McDonald's makes a big change to its U.S. restaurants

🍔 It's not clear when the NJ stores will implement the change

McDonald's is making a change at its restaurants.

Self-service soda machines at all McDonald’s stores across the U.S., including New Jersey are going away.

For years, McDonald’s customers were able to use machines to fill and refill their beverages without having to make additional trips to the cashier.

But that’s about to change.

The Chicago-based fast food chain plans to eliminate self-served soda, according to The Associated Press.

Why is McDonald's making this change?

The company said the reason for the change is to create consistency for customers and crew members across the chain’s offerings, but it’s not clear if factors like finances or sanitation played a part in the decision to ditch the self-serve machines.

While some restaurants around the country have started implementing the change, it’s not clear when that will happen for New Jersey locations.

According to 247 Wall Street, there are 258 McDonald’s locations in New Jersey as of 2021.

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