You see it all over Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. People who mock “muh freedom.”

What that phrase literally translates to is “my freedom,” mocking Americans who bemoan government intervention and the slow and steady reduction of their Constitutional rights as though they’re dumb rednecks. It’s invoked like this: when the government told us to wear seat belts to protect ourselves in cars, those who said that it was a breach of our freedoms to mandate how and when we protect ourselves were mocked for standing up for “muh freedom.” The government, as the sentiment goes, knows how to protect you, so we should accept laws like that as a gift.

When they told us to close our businesses so that people wouldn’t get sick and possibly die, we were supposed to perceive those orders as a kindhearted gesture in the part of the government, which only wants to protect us. “Muh freedom” was mocked as a careless and selfish invocation. The notion of freedom circa 2020 has been relegated to an old, privileged, white person’s rallying cry that’s not only out of sync with the rest of society, but one where its adherents deserve to be shamed into government submission. “Muh freedom” according to many angst-ridden, Godless millennials is a bunch of BS.

The government closing businesses, according to modern theory, is akin to a father holding you down to allow the doctor to give you a shot of penicillin to make you feel better. Yes, it’s gonna hurt. But it’s gonna hurt him more than it hurts you. And after all, Dad knows how to save you from bad things happening to you. It’s OK when it’s your dad. But if you’re willing to accept all that the government has to offer in terms of safety and protection, like you did when your parents knew best, you’re gonna have to admit that the freedoms the Constitution allow us have no place in modern society.

And that it, too, is a bunch of “Boomer BS.”

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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