🔴 Authorities have identified two people found shot to death in a North Jersey home

🔴 The 80-year-old man and 56-year-old woman were discovered in a well-being check

🔴 The deaths were a murder-suicide after a breakup, a report said

NEW MILFORD — Two people found dead inside a Bergen County home on Saturday were killed in a murder-suicide, according to a report.

Police got called to a home in New Milford around 4:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon, the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office said.

When they entered the house at 250 Myrtle Street, officers found two bodies inside.

Both victims, a man and a woman, had died from gunshot wounds, authorities said.

(Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Facebook page)
Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Facebook page

Officials identified the deceased as Giovanni “John” Emmolo, 80, and Marina Perez, 56.

The shooting was an "isolated incident," Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella said. No further information about what happened was provided.

The incident may have been a murder-suicide, according to a published report from The Daily Voice citing unnamed law enforcement sources and family members. It said Emmolo and Perez had broken up sometime before the shooting.

Authorities said more information would be provided at a later time.

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