You gotta know my nephew, JoJo. He’s very much a “go big or go home” kinda guy. So when he decided to propose to his girlfriend, Renee, it was gonna be a big deal. You also gotta know Renee. She’s so easy going and cool, that you can make her think her house is burning down and she won’t even be mad when she finds out that it was all an elaborate marriage proposal surprise! In fact, after a playful smack, she says "Yes!" (Had I been proposed to in this way, results may have varied.)

Eventually, family and friends who’ve been complicit from the beginning, surround the happy couple. Now you’re not gonna go through all of this without capturing it for posterity, are you? Of course not. So, as all award-worthy proposal directors do, JoJo hired a videographer and photographer to be in the scene with him.

In this recap video, by Vids by Vic’s Victor Dweck, you’ll see that with the help of Brooklyn’s own FDNY (and Renee’s mom), JoJo blows enough smoke into Renees family’s home to make it realistic, dresses up like a fireman, and proceeds to pop the “burning” question. (Yes. I went there.)

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