MOUNT OLIVE — The former treasurer of a nonprofit youth football association is accused of siphoning thousands of dollars from the organization for himself.

Authorities on Friday announced that 49-year-old Shawn J. Collins, of Budd Lake, had been arrested following an investigation in October.

Looking into reports of theft, the local police found that $74,000 had been stolen from the Mount Olive Township Junior Marauder Football Association booster club. The non-profit association, which is independent of the Mount Olive Township School District, prepares young players for high school football, according to its website.

Collins was the treasurer of the Junior Marauder booster club. According to the Morris County Prosecutor's Office, he made "unauthorized withdrawals" from the club's bank account and did not deposit funds generated by events and concession sales.

A statement from the organization to reportedly said that the allegations do not represent its "core values or mission."

“As an association, we are committed to being a safe and trustworthy organization that provides our players with the coaching and resources they need to be successful on and off the football field. While we cannot discuss the ongoing investigation, please know we are still working diligently on your behalf to ensure we can continue to provide a stellar football experience for the young athletes of Mount Olive.”

The former treasurer is charged with third-degree theft.

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