As you know from the dessert "foodie" recipes that I've shared over the years, I am a "chocoholic" of major proportions.

That includes brownies.

But, what about making brownies that ... aren't chocolate?

As we self-isolate (I've already been working from home for the last year), I've had more time to make meals...and right now, I like to keep them easy.

Blonde brownies are a family favorite ... and now, they can be a family "fave" for you, too.

Rather than type out the recipe ... it occurs to me that you can follow my handwritten steps, from my original recipe book:

From my first book of recipes. Jr high years, (Craig Allen photo).

As my notes indicate, for a large family, you might want to triple the recipe.

And, I will add: Bake in a 9x13 pan ... and watch your baking time.

Unless your oven bakes HOT, your blonde brownies will be in the oven longer than 25 minutes.

Going..going..almost gone. (Craig Allen photo).

Above is what's left of a double recipe...after a few hours, with 4 foodies.

Like I's a family "fave."

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