If seeing Paul and Ringo perform at the Grammys gave you an appetite for the Beatles, then you’ve got to come see The Mahoney Brothers “Long Live The Beatles” show at Resorts on Saturday Feb 8th.

This historic show will be performed the night before the 50th anniversary of the first Ed Sullivan appearance. Not only do the Mahoneys recreate that era through both live performing and video presentation, but through their multiple wardrobe changes, and the attention they pay to every nuance and detail of the Fab Four. Tim, who plays Paul, even taught himself to play left handed!

The Mahoney Brothers take you through the Beatles' music right up to the second side of Abbey Road live, which the actual band never performed.

Of all the Beatle shows I’ve seen, this one is by far the best, and I’m lucky enough to host it. It’s the perfect sandwich between Paul and Ringo performing on David Lettterman on Friday and the CBS salute Sunday night.