It’s the dead of summer. The Legislature is not in session. People are on vacation and not paying attention to the inner workings of government or politics. That’s as it should be, and Madman Murphy knows that.

Rather than go through the normal legislative process and let your representatives in the Assembly and State Senate vote on things, he’s going another way.

He learned from his big brothers in the federal government. Avoid the legislative process and go through the regulatory process. So, he’s using the BPU (the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities) to mandate getting rid of gas, stoves and appliances through the regulatory process.

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He’s done it quietly and sneakily during the dead of summer when no one is paying attention. He’s on a mission. He’s on a religious crusade. He’s one of the climate crazies that feel like he has enough people to believe in his religious crusade to go along with his harebrained scheme of going all-electric for the future.

Eileen Kean, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, had this to say about the Board of Public Utilities' latest decision to curtail and stop the use of gas appliances.

“Yesterday, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities moved forward with little notice, transparency, stakeholder input, or legislative authority to drastically change the Garden State’s energy future by restricting or eliminating the use of natural gas in many commercial and residential settings, including stoves, washers and driers, furnaces, and cooling units.
Had the BPU sought a transparent and inclusive process, they would have quickly learned that the electric grid and transmission capacity are simply not equipped to handle an increase in electricity demand of this magnitude. A hasty conversion could lead to volatile cost spikes and power shortages. Additionally, all-electric buildings themselves are pricey and would lead to higher costs for business owners doing renovations or expansions."

If you care, and you should, you can sign this petition and try to stop these diabolical madmen from controlling our lives and cutting off our nose to spite our face.

It’s been said many times that the power grid isn’t capable of supporting these ideas whether it be for electric cars or all-electric homes. Not to mention the fact that a lot of our power plants are still powered by fossil fuels.

Twitter/Governor Phil Murphy
Twitter/Governor Phil Murphy

Whether their ulterior motive is more power or a financial incentive, it’s wrong for the people. He’s bypassed the people by going through the regulatory process but you still have a chance to fight back. It’s ultimately not about the environment, not about gas appliances. It’s about power and money and Madman Murphy. Even with all his millions and buying himself a governor seat, he hasn’t had his fill yet.

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