When it comes to flying, I take which airline I fly pretty seriously. I come from a big family and traveling all together gets pretty hectic alone. Often one bag goes missing, or there is one that we have to chase down.

As airlines have begun to update their policies, there is one in particular I look forward to flying with again. And they don’t fly from AC. It’s United. For so many different reasons, but in particular, the United app. Since the pandemic, United airlines has created a new app that makes flying ten times easier, and more exciting.

In my opinion, No other airline has such a user-friendly, comprehensive app. The updated United app allows customers to preorder meals for longer flights and upload vaccination and passport information. The app also has an “agent on demand feature” which allows United customers to receive help instantly if there is a problem before, during or after the flight.

The help can be offered by live video or chat too, which gives customers the ability to feel like they are being helped in person regardless of where they are. Other airlines’ apps have nothing on the United app.

United also has the easiest way of scoring business class seats. Through the app you can easily upgrade the day before your flight for an up charge that’s much less than any other airline’s. I’ve done this almost every time I’ve flown with United. It’s staff is also the most friendly and patient, too.

As more flights become available and more people begin traveling again, this app will hopefully help reduce lines at help desks at the airport, and make traveling a less stressful experience.

This app is especially useful to those traveling internationally as the need to wait in line and scan your password can be avoided. The app tells travelers exactly what needs to be uploaded prior to the flight, which creates less of a stressful traveling experience, and allows people with OCD such as myself more confidence when it comes to traveling with my family.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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