President Trump held a campaign rally in Minnesota Thursday night, where once again the effort included the playing of Prince's "Purple Rain" even though Trump's campaign had promised they would stop using it. Prince's estate had complained in the past that they did not grant permission.

Now speaking of famous musicians, several others were mentioned by Trump and one was outright dissed. Bragging about his defeat over rival Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump said, "I didn't need Beyonce and Jay Z...and I didn't need Little Bruce Springsteen!" This was reported by

Little Bruce Springsteen? I'm sure this wasn't another in a series of nasty, insulting nicknames Donald Trump has bestowed on so many; I'm sure he just had him confused with Little Steven from the E Street Band, right?


Of course there's bad blood between a liberal like Springsteen and Trump. In the past Springsteen has called Trump a "moron" and a "great embarrassment." He's also been on record saying, "The whole thing is tragic. Without overstating it, it’s a tragedy for our democracy.”

After that, if anything Trump took it easy on The Boss. Now Bruce is on a legendary and long list of famous people to whom Donald Trump has assigned an ugly, insulting nickname. In some cases more than one nickname.

Off the top of my head, here's a list of Trump's nasty nicknames for politicians, journalists and other famous people.

Low IQ Maxine Waters = Rep. Maxine Waters
Horseface = Stormy Daniels
Pocahontas, The Indian, Goofy = Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Cryin' Chuck, Head Clown, Fake Tears = Sen. Chuck Shumer
Dumb Southerner = Jeff Sessions
Marbles in his Mouth = Tom Brokaw
Sloppy Carl = Carl Bernstein
Pencil Neck, Shifty Schiff = Adam Schiff
Little Marco = Sen. Marco Rubio
Wacky Jacky = Sen. Jacky Rosen
The Nutty Professor = Sen. Bernie Sanders
Foul Mouthed Omar = Rep. Ilhan Omar
Cheatin' Obama = Pres. Barack Obama
Jeff Flakey = Sen. Jeff Flake
Al Frankenstein = Sen. Al Franken
Sleepy Joe = Joe Biden
Crooked Hillary = Hillary Clinton
Alfred E. Neuman = Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Fredo = Chris Cuomo
Sissy = Graydon Carter
Dumb as a Rock = Mika Brzezinski
Psycho Joe = Joe Scarborough
Goofball Atheist = Penn Jillette
Miss Piggy = Alicia Machado
Fat Jerry = Rep. Jerry Nadler

I'm sure there are many more, but these are the ones I remember. These are pretty good if you're in a rap battle, but coming from the Oval Office they're just sad. Sad.

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