I teamed up with New Jersey author Billy Dering on his latest novel, "Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die," to narrate the sci-fi thriller for his audiobook.

It's an exciting story about some unlikely survivors after an apocalyptic event who are reluctantly thrown into a fight to save humanity. It was a fun read for me and has so many local references that anyone from Jersey will enjoy it and be able to relate.

For Billy, this is a guy who is diggin' in with us and loves the Garden State. This is his first novel and it's the first book in a trilogy. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did!

I'd love your feedback on the narration as well. The hardest part about narrating a book is the different characters. Accents, genders all have to sound authentic, but it's not a stage play so the voices can't be too dramatic. It was a great experience learning a new technique and I'm hooked.

I want to hear from you. Give the book a listen, you can get it on Amazon at utopiaproject.com

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die, Narrated by Bill Spadea (Amazon screengrab)
Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die, Narrated by Bill Spadea (Amazon screengrab)

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