It's become a tradition on the show to play the mysterious rendition of "Oh Holy Night" by a person who just can't sing. Many have claimed to be the voice behind it but no one really knows for sure who it is. It's gone around the internet for about a decade now.

Each year we get email from folks who never caught it before and it leaves them in a bit of awe. We received this email the other day:

Hey Jeff and Big Bill Doyle,

First off, I love your show. I drive almost an hour each way to work and I ALWAYS listen you two on the way home. It makes the drive much, much easier. On Friday, you played a holiday song which I believe you said “brings a tear to your eye” or something of the sorts but didn’t hear the beginning of it. It sound pretty like worst song ever or at least the worst version of it but would love to know where I can listen to it.


I wrote Jay back, explained the history, and promised him we would put it up on the website so he could enjoy it all year long! So here you go.