If you Google the words “Wordle” and “New Jersey,” you’ll notice that just about every media outlet in the state has an article about the hottest game on the Internet. They’re covering everything from how many New Jerseyans are obsessed with it to answers to recent Wordle games to the New York Times’ recent acquisition of the game.

Even the Montclarion, Montclair University’s newspaper, ran a poll about the popularity of the game on campus.

If you haven’t heard of Wordle, respectfully, you’re living under a rock. This game has been taking the world by storm and is easily the first trend of 2022.

Our listeners are no different. A “Wordle” conversation has come up pretty much every day since the early days of the game back in November.

For the uninitiated, playing Wordle is simple. You have six chances to figure out the 5-letter word of the day that is computer generated and completely unknown.

Each time you submit a guess for a word, each letter either becomes gray, yellow or green. Gray means that the word of the day does not contain that letter, yellow means the word contains the letter but it’s in the wrong place, and green means the letter is in the correct spot.

The game is simple, but the randomly selected words are definitely not. There are no hints, and often words contain double letters, which can definitely be off-putting.

After each round is over, you are able to share to social media a pattern of your results to show how many attempts it took you to guess the word. Shortly after the game was created people began sharing their rounds to Twitter daily, causing the game to go viral.

It’s important to play the game on a non-private browser so that your results are saved daily and you can see your guessing average as the days go on. The game creates a sense of competition that has honestly been lacking in many ways since the pandemic.

My family loves to sit around the table and see who can finish first, and it’s a fun way to start or end the day. If you haven’t yet played Wordle, be careful. According to most New Jerseyans, it’s addictive.

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