Earlier this week, I posted about a ticket I received in North Jersey. I was pulled over for having unclear license plates.

As the week went on, we spoke on the air about how I was fortunate enough to get my car dealership to pay for the ticket because the reason my license plate was unclear was due to the car dealership's frame around my license plate blocking the words "Garden State" on the bottom. I know, I'm a felon.

When Jeff and Bill did a topic about the stupidest tickets you could ever receive, one caller said that he was pulled over for speeding, but the police officer decided to give him a break by giving a ticket for the same reason I got one, unclear plates. That gave me an idea.

What if I left the license plate frame on my car in hopes that when I eventually get pulled over for a more common reason (like doing ten miles over the speed limit), it leaves a chance that the officer will cut me a break by giving me a ticket for unclear plates.

I'm pretty undecided on this right now, so I figured I'd turn it into a poll.

Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.