You know how in Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown" he talks about sitting on his father's lap while he drove? I had a similar experience with my son, Lennon, who loves to drive with me.

Both my sons love to drive with me because, unlike their mother, I'm what you would call animated, perhaps sarcastic. There's frustration, anxiety, and borderline profanity. I think the best way to sum it up: "Jersey."

Lennon Trevelise, photo by Steve Trevelise

While we drove, we started talking about driving and I began giving him advice about what it's like driving in New Jersey. He patiently listened while filming me on my iPhone. The first thing I told him was about observing the speed limit and what should happen to those who drive too slow in front of you.

With seven years to go before he gets his license, I should have him fully ready to take the wheel in New Jersey, probably the wheel of the very car we are riding in. Then, when he gets older and has sons of his own, he can pass along Dad's advice and keep the Jersey driving tradition strong

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