You know how some people leave political bumper stickers on their car long after the election? Well at first glance this one would take the cake. Yesterday this bumper sticker caught my eye.

Jeff Deminski photo

A Kennedy/Johnson red white and blue political bumper sticker from the 1960 campaign for John F Kennedy and running mate Lyndon Johnson. But looking brand new, pristine even, and not on a classic car. I just had to snap a picture of this. I looked it up later and sure enough you can buy these retro political bumper stickers from places like CafePress for just $4.99. There's an actual original from 1960 for sale on eBay for $18.99. I think they should make these retro ones dating back to before we even had cars just to really make people be all, "Whaaaaat?" Picture a bumper sticker Lincoln/Hamlin, or Ulysses S. Grant/Schuyler Colfax.