Here is what’s being talked about on today’s show.

Should you have to speak and read English to get a New Jersey driver's license?

Two children had to be removed from an apartment in Clark what was so filled with cats, officers needed face masks. How many pets is the tipping point of too many? How many pets do you own?

A study says when children became legally required to ride only in the back seat, cases of children dying in hot cars increased tenfold. The theory is that being out of sight, parents simply forget they were there. How easy is it to forget a child?

What do you think of Donald Trump's policy on illegal immigrants? Is he right that they should be thrown out? Is he right that the law granting automatic citizenship to any child born in America needs to be overturned?

Do you name your cars? What is your best name idea for Bill Doyle's new Volvo?

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